www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo
www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

EUROPA - Research and Innovation: What's New in Health and life sciences - Neuroscience

EUROPA - Research What's New in Health and life sciences - Neuroscience. This RSS feed includes the most recent updates to the European Commission's Research and Innovation web site on Europa in the area of Health and life sciences - Neuroscience. For more RSS news feeds visit http://ec.europa.eu/research/index.cfm?pg=rss
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ImageHumankind has always had a fascination with the brain - how it develops, how it works and how things can go wrong. By tracking a neuron's path through the brain, neuroscientists with the EU-funded MOMECODE project have given us new insight into how the brain develops.
ImageAn emotionally intelligent, partially autonomous social robot could help children with autism spectrum disorder improve their social skills, according to EU-funded researchers who have been developing the next generation of robot-enhanced therapy.
ImageInternational mobility fosters scientific exchange, a key element in advances in all areas of the life sciences. An EU-funded project supports this by awarding bursaries to postdoctoral scientists for research and training abroad - boosting Europe's capacity to make groundbreaking advances in medical research.
ImageAre neurological conditions like Asperger's syndrome and autism the new frontier of inequality and discrimination? The EU-funded NEDBELS project is investigating the legal and social challenges society faces if it is to be more inclusive of those with such neurological disorders - a concept known as 'neurodiversity'.
ImageAn EU-funded team of scientists from Spain, Germany and Denmark is investigating a radical new MRI-based technique for ultra-detailed, real-time imaging of living cells. Results could transform cancer research, neuroscience, biophysics - and more.
ImageInnovative equipment has been developed to help patients regain control of limbs despite an injury that stops the transmission of signals through the spinal cord. But what if this transmission could actually be re-established? An EU-funded project is working on an innovative implant, but there is still a very long way to go.
ImageManagement and treatment of neurological diseases is one of the biggest challenges facing medicine today. EU-funded researchers are developing computational tools to improve understanding of how such diseases progress as a means to help treat patients.
ImageWhat is conscious awareness? An EU-funded study went looking for answers to this eternal question using advanced technology. The findings provide insight into what motivates or interests people, and the perception process behind powerful neurological drivers of human behaviour.
ImageThe power of a painting to trigger myriad emotional and cognitive responses has been recognised throughout history. But how and why art has such a profound effect on our brains is a mystery that is only now starting to be unravelled, thanks to EU-funded research.

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