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www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

Partner 14 - Genewake

Dr. Robert Loewe

Principal Investigator

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Floriansbogen 2-4

82061 Neuried



FemNAT-CD Team Neuried - Munich

Dr. Sabine Ott

Business Development

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Simon Schmidbauer


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Company presentation

The pharmacogenomics company GeneWake GmbH was founded in 2009 and is located in Neuried near Munich, Germany. Made possible by proprietary bioinformatical algorithms based on the company’s thorough knowledge in pathways and public microarray data sources and multivariable analysis in a system biology like approach Genewake is able to perform high quality detection, development and analysis of biomarkers. A broad range of techniques like next generation sequencing, epigenetic analysis (DNA methylation status and miRNA), mutation detection, multiplex PCR and immunohistology are employed in the context of clinical studies and research projects. Due to the long-lasting experience of our specialists, these methods and protocols can be adapted in a targeted manner to suit each individual project or scientific research need. GeneWake is experienced in working with everything from fresh frozen or fixed tissue (e.g. FFPE), blood (e.g. whole blood, Paxgene fixed and fractions), urine to other body fluids like CSF. In addition, GeneWake has a strong expertise in analysing the collected data via bioinformatics and connected measured variables with clinical annotation. These technical and scientific capabilities led to proprietary biomarker screening tests for patients, which were developed in close cooperation with pathologists, oncologists, clinics and biotech companies. Besides these biomarker tests, GeneWake provides contract research such as the development of innovative diagnostic kits or novel molecular techniques for companies in the sector of diagnostics or molecular biology.

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