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Partner 3 - Stichting VU-VUMC, Amsterdam

Prof. Arne Popma

Principal Investigator

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FemNAT-CD Team Amsterdam

Dr. Lucres Nauta-Jansen

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Helena Oldenhof

PhD Student

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The main focus of the department Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of VU University Medical Center Amsterdam is forensic child and adolescent psychiatry and consultative psychiatry.

Within the department of forensic child and adolescent psychiatry a broad range of research is being conducted on the topic of disruptive behaviour disorders. The research focuses on possible causes and the course of psychiatric disorders in children who show aggressive and/or criminal behaviour. Special attention goes to the neurobiological mechanisms underlying these behavioural patterns. A vast amount of papers on psychophysiologic and neuroendocrinologic parameters in relation to antisocial behaviour in juveniles has been published by the department. Recently, research has moved forwards to studying the role of psychophysiologic and neuroendocrinologic parameters in the prediction of treatment effectiveness and recidivism.
The department is involved in an academic workplace for forensic care for youth in which several juvenile justice institutions and youth welfare institutions are participating.

Arne Popma is head of the VUmc department of child and adolescent psychiatry and works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist at De Bascule in Amsterdam. His research and clinical work mainly focusses on aggression, externalizing disorders and forensic psychiatry. From may 2014 on he will combine these activities with a professorship in forensic psychiatry at the law faculty of Leiden university.

Lucres Nauta-Jansen is senior researcher at the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. She is originally trained as a biomedical scientist and focused her work on stress processing in autism. At the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry she is now supervising different PhD projects regarding both neurobiological and epidemiological research. Her main research focus is the neurobiological background of antisocial and disruptive behaviour. In addition, she is involved in the scientific education of medical students at the Medical Faculty of the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam.

Helena Oldenhof is PhD student at the FemNAT project. She graduated in Clinical Forensic Psychology and her main personal interest is to gain more insight into criminal behaviour in adolescents by being involved in clinical work ánd scientific research. She worked at a municipal health institution to report psychological problems in multiple offenders and assisted a psychologist in writing psychological reports of criminal suspects. Over the last year she worked as a junior researcher examining autonomic nervous system activity in relation to cognitive behavioural therapy in detained men.

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