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www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

Partner 5 - Universität Basel


Prof. Christina Stadler                  

Principal Investigator

Phone: +41 616852124

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Universitaet Basel


Petersplatz 1

4003 Basel




FemNAT-CD Team Basel

Dr. Nora Maria Raschle                

Postdoctoral Research Fellow; Scientific Staff



MSc Willeke Menks

PhD Student


MSc Martin Prätzlich

PhD Student



MSc Lynn Fehlbaum

PhD Student


MSc Sandra Mannstadt

PhD Student, START NOW Supervisor



Linda Kersten

PhD Student,


Institute presentation

Faculty of Basel was positioned among the 45 best Universities worldwide in the Shanghai Ranking Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy of 2012. The Dept. of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry UBA comprises three inpatient units, a day care clinic, an ambulatory (750-850 patients a year) and an expanding research unit. There is a close collaboration to the Dept. of Adolescent Forensics at the University Hospital in Basel and to a huge number of Liaison psychiatry institutions in Basel providing psychiatric services.


Profile of key persons:


C. Stadler has long-lasting experience in the treatment of aggressive behaviour in adolescents. CS evaluated and published an innovative manualized multimodal cognitive-behavioural intervention program that is well established in Germany and Switzerland and she works on the role of neurobiological markers for the prediction of therapeutic outcome in CD. CS was the first to publish fMRI findings showing abnormal neural emotion processing in CD and to show structural grey-matter deficits in CD with voxel-based morphometry. Additionally, she is member of the Psychiatric Committee, a local Swiss organisation responsible for patients‘ mental health issues and she is head of the task force group responsible for the revision of the AWMF clinical guidelines for conduct disorder.


N. Raschle has excellent knowledge in investigating perceptual, cognitive and brain development in typically and atypically developing infants, children and adults using various behavioural and neuroimaging techniques.



Neuroimaging site: Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner with 20-channel head/neck coil. Software version: NUMARIS/4. Scanner is located at the University Hospital Basel.

Collaboration with the Dept. of Neuroradiology (Prof. O. Bieri, Markus Klarhoefer)

Laboratory for psychophysiological assessment (Biopac MP100 System)

FemNAT-CD Team

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