www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo
www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

Partner 15 - Varionostic

Uwe Gerstenmaier

Principal Investigator

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Lise-Meitner-Straße 8

89081 Ulm



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Carina Birkhofer

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Company presentation

varionostic is Europe’s leading expert for DNA methylation analysis using newest platforms of Pyrosequencing and MassARRAY. We offer our customers from industry and academia outstanding tailored services from assay design to data analysis. Scientists can also profit from our predesigned methylation assays developed within our own research facilities. Our unique specialised competence is the basis for highest quality in epigenetic research.
Additional services for epigenetic research include genotyping, allele quantification, short read sequencing and species identification. With our state-of-the-art lab (including also capillary sequencing and qPCR) we can detect all types of snips, polymorphisms and mutations. Besides human samples, the company also runs typing of BACs and other species.
varionostic GmbH started business in 2006. Founders and complete team combine molecular and human biology know-how with commercial expertise. They and their staff have extensive experience in epigenetic research and molecular and human biology.

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