www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo
www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

Workpackage 2: Genetics, gene x environmental risk factors, and epigenetics


Workpackage leader

Prof. Christine Freitag


Objectives and Tasks of the Workpackage

This WP is led by the head of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of children and adolescents, Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Prof. Dr. Christine M. Freitag.
The aim of WP 2 is to study genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk factors in the cross-sectional and longitudinal sample.

The following tasks are done:


  • Establishing a standardized measurement battery for environmental risk factors (pre-, peri-, postnatal and medical risk factors, history of trauma, acute life events, parenting measures, socio-economic status, migration status, neighbourhood quality, peer influences etc.).
  • Collection and extraction of DNA samples, and data collection of environmental risk factors for the case and control subjects.Pilot Study to identify differentially methylated gene loci in female CD
  • Re-evaluation and exploration of environmental correlates of methylation pattern in female CD
  • Investigation of genetic, environmental and g x e interaction in female CD.
  • We will use up to date genetic and epigenetic analyses to elicit gene x environment interaction in female CD on a molecular basis.






FemNAT CD - Work Plan

FemNAT CD - Work Plan

FemNAT-CD Team


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