www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo
www.istockphoto.com © Figure8Photos & © Aldo Murillo

Who’s invited and what’s involved?

FemNAT-CD is a European project that aims to understand the causes of sex differences in disruptive behaviour and mental health difficulties.


We are interested in recruiting girls and boys aged between 9 and 18 years. We are also aiming to recruit children and teenagers across the spectrum of disruptive behaviour – from children who almost never get in trouble in school or at home, to those who have been excluded from school or college or may have been in contact with the youth justice system for breaking the law.


The study involves interviews with children and their parents, as well as computerised tests of emotion recognition, learning, and decision-making, physiological measurements, and collection of DNA samples (either from saliva or blood). We will also be measuring brain structure and function using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods in a subset of the overall sample. This involves having an MRI brain scan and performing tasks in the scanner to measure changes in brain activity.


If you would like to take part in this study and to find out about the sites involved in the study and contact your local research team to receive more information, please


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